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The British Engineering Excellence Awards have been setting the standard for British engineering design, innovation and excellence for more than a decade now. We are truly delighted to have won the ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ category with our bespoke Charge Pod solution.

In the ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ category, the judges were seeking an electronic product or component that address a particular market need and which brings a significant performance improvement, either over a previous product or over competitive devices.

The BEEAs judges believed our Charge Pod system met this brief impeccably:

Addressing a serious problem Charge Pod has sought to meet a distinct need that will only become more important as we move into the age of electric vehicles” – British Engineering Excellence Awards judging panel.

Charge Pod provides flat or severely depleted electric vehicles with a roadside power boost so they can be driven to the nearest static charging point rather than being picked up and recovered on a flatbed truck. This enables companies to provide the same “out of fuel” service as they would to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles to the growing EV market.

Considering the power output that the system provides, we are extremely proud to say that the Charge Pod system is incredibly lightweight, compact and offers 100% duty cycle of power. Making it the perfect solution for companies who support, house and transport electric vehicles.

Image courtesy of www.beeas.co.uk

Watch the awards ceremony here

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