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A Surprisingly Simple Solution to Flat EV’s… Charge Pod

As an attempt to avoid public transport, a young lady hired a rental car in central London to drop some supplies off to her family.

When she reached her family home, she noticed that the vehicle did not have much charge left and was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to get back home.

She phoned the rental car company who in turn phoned the RAC for the fastest possible option.

The young lady was shocked to see the arrival of an RAC patrol vehicle because she associated the RAC with mechanical breakdowns, so she was rather inquisitive of the Charge Pod solution.

Expecting a big fuss and palaver, the young lady was pleasantly surprised that all the Roadside Patrol had to do was plug the car into the Charge Pod and 30 minutes later she was provided with enough range to get back to her destination.

“My customer was over the moon with Charge Pod, there was no hassle, no fuss, it just got the job done!” – RAC Roadside Patrol

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