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“The judges felt this winner is something the industry will absolutely need more and more of in the years ahead.” – AM Award Judges.

We are overjoyed to announce our latest award win in partnership with the RAC, at this year’s AM Awards. The 2022 awards attracted a record-breaking number of entries, making the fact that we are victors of the Best New Product or Service category even more spectacular.

In this category the judges were looking for innovation which has produced measurable results, including examples of how the product or service has proven to be beneficial to customers. Charge Pod not only utilises pioneering technology which has made the system ultra-lightweight and compact, but it is a product which has rapidly become of great importance to RAC customers.

The problem of electric vehicle drivers running out of charge before they are able to reach a static charging station is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem on our roads today. Considering 40% of households are/will be unable to charge an EV at home, many EV drivers completely are reliant on the public charging infrastructure. EV drivers are unfortunately experiencing problems with the reliability and availability of public charging points. For example, drivers have reached out of order charging stations, or have got to a charging point where the cable is missing. However, even if we see a drastic improvement in the public charging infrastructure, this is likely to always be a problem for EVs, considering the fact we see 827,000 cases of petrol/diesel drivers running out of fuel in the UK each year.

Winning this award is illustrates that Charge Pod has met the precise needs of the RAC and their customers allowing them to address the range anxiety concerns of the public and support the uptake of electric vehicles.


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