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Charge Pod: The future proof solution with integrated 12 volt battery chargers coming soon.

A Nissan LEAF was driving through Stanmore, London making its way to a charging point before becoming totally flat at a set of traffic lights.

As a result, the stranded EV user had no choice but to turn his hazard lights on, exit the vehicle and wait for the RAC to arrive.

Being stranded at a very busy junction, the customer was very relieved that the RAC were able to rectify the problem from a standard patrol vehicle rather than having to deploy a big flatbed recovery truck which would have added to the congestion and inconvenience for all the other commuters passing through the junction because of this one EV user.

Charge Pod was the perfect solution.

In addition to the vehicle itself being flat, this Nissan LEAF was experiencing an additional problem. As the driver had his hazard lights on for some time, the secondary 12-volt battery in the vehicle (which powers the vehicles small on board electronic systems, like head lights, hazard lights, radio, etc) had depleted and a battery re-charge was required before charging the flat EV batteries.

Excitingly, the new Charge Pod Battery Module which can be incorporated into the Charge Pod box will enable the power from the Charge Pod to be used on 12V batteries… Saving the need for the heavy portable 12 volt battery chargers which are currently in service and saving even more space inside the patrol vehicle.

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